How Boats are Designed and Then Manufactured

Boat DesignAs we talk about “technology,” the first thing that comes to mind would be the complex innovation that has changed our lives for the past few decades. However, when it comes to boat building, although we appreciate the novelty and innovation, we fail to realize that reliability and good value are also part of their manufacturing process. As a matter of fact, a lot of boat manufacturers in the US have been successfully utilizing cutting-edge technologies in their building operations, allowing them to create a new generation of modern, efficient, and stronger boats.

The Preliminary Designs
The boat building process starts with the preliminary designs. These are usually non-scaled sketches of the maker’s interpretation for the boat.

The Hull Lines and Offsets
After coming up with the preliminary design, the hull lines and offsets are done. This is usually designed with the help of a computer because the hydrostatics must be checked to ensure that the new design would fit with the original intent.

Basically, the preliminary design is the “art,” while the hull lines and offsets are the engineering part of the boat design process.

Panel Projections, Bulkheads, and Construction “3” Views
This is considered as the “Stitch and Glue” process of design building. During the Stitch and Glue process, the boat is built from the exterior, and that’s why the exact shapes of the hull skins are very important.

Once the panel projections and bulkheads are finished, the next step would be creating a more detailed blueprint of the boat in “3” views.
Engineering Drawings
The final drawings in boat design are the engineering drawings. This includes rudder details, engine installation, electrical schematics, plumbing schematics, and much more.boat schematic

Different Types of Boat
Today, boat designers and manufacturers use aluminum to steel, fiberglass, wood, and a combination of these materials to built different types of boats.

Fishing Boats
Just like what the name suggests, it’s a boat intended for fishing activities and can be used on both fresh and salt water bodies. They are best known for being stable, sturdy, and durable as they can survive the fishing ventures in different kinds of waterways.

Bass Boats
These have slim profiles and 2-3 anglers on board. Bass boats are often built of aluminum with 25-150 horsepower, and the length could range between 16-18 feet.

Game Boats
Game boats are fiberglass boats that are usually large and powered by petrol engines or diesel. They are perfect for the game of fish pursuit, especially if you’re going to catch fishes, such as tuna and marlin.

Dinghy Boats
These are small, inflatable boats that are often made of rubber and comprises of row locks and cross thwarts that function as oars and seats. These boats are popularly known as rowboats, sailboats, and inflatables.

Catamaran Boats
These contain multiple hulls and are perfect for fishing purposes, as well as cruising.

Bowrider Boats
These boats are constructed in a very special way to allow spacious sitting arrangement inside it. Additionally, it contains a swim platform where wake-boards can be placed.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are still a lot of boats in the market, such as the kayaks, well boats, fire boats, pilot boats, and much more.